Diving Membership

Worcester Divers works on the basis that people join the club and become a member which allows you access to club equipment, to come on club trips and training. Once you are a member, any trip costs are shared between everyone on the trip and all of our instructors are volunteers, so you aren’t paying for their time.

Diving Membership Fees for Worcester Divers come in three parts: Annual Membership Fees, a (one-off) Joining Fee and any Training Materials that you might want.

Annual Membership Fees

Worcester Divers’ have an annual membership fee. Everyone in the club pays this every year, with instructors and students/juniors paying slightly less.

Membership Type Worcester Branch Fee
Standard Branch Membership £70
Instructor Membership £65
Junior/Student Membership £59

To be a diving member of Worcester Divers, you need to be a member of BSAC. The cost of this is approximately £69 (it varies slightly with diver grade, the precise figures are here).

Joining Fee

Worcester Divers also charge a one-off joining fee which depends on whether you have an existing qualification.

Membership Type Worcester Joining Fee
New to diving £100
Similar to BSAC Ocean Diver
(e.g. PADI Open Water)
Similar to BSAC Sports Diver
(e.g. PADI Rescue Diver)

Training Materials

If you want any training with the club, then you’ll need some training materials. The club buys these from the BSAC shop and passes them on to members at cost. Currently most training packs cost £40. The club also recommends that new members buy a set of dive tables (roughly £30).

Worked Examples

New to Diving: total cost £279

  • Annual Membership Fees: £70 + £69 (WD + BSAC)
  • Joining Fee: £100
  • Training Materials: £40 (+optionally £30 for dive tables)

PADI AOW wanting to train for Sports Diver: £229

  • Annual Membership Fees: £70 + £69 (WD + BSAC)
  • Joining Fee: £50
  • Training Materials: £40 (+optionally £30 for dive tables)

PADI Rescue Diver not wanting any training: £139

  • Annual Membership Fees: £70 + £69 (WD + BSAC)
  • Joining Fee: £0
  • Training Materials: £0

After the first year, each of these examples would pay £139.

If maths isn’t your strong point, contact us and we can help work out what your membership fees would be.